Updates & Opportunities


New Temporary Public Art in Central Park

Local group Dispersion installed Spires, a series of interactive light-emitting sculptures. This work will be on view through the summer.



Public Art Town Hall

If you missed the Public Art Town Hall, click here to view the presentation and send us your thoughts. Fill out this form with your feedback and email it to publicart@bouldercolorado.gov.



Visit the newest murals in town!

  • 9th Street Underpass Mural by Michelle Miller and Madeleine Tonzi
  • TWO new murals in the Martin Acres neighborhood initiated by Arts Martin Acres: Martin Drive underpass by Katherine Rutter and Moorhead Drive underpass by David Polka




Participate in the Mural Program!

Interested in hosting a mural? Email us at publicart@bouldercolorado.gov
Interested in creating a mural? Join the Mural Artist Roster! Applications open until May 16, 2018; 11:59 pm MST.



Become a Panelist

Send your resume and a letter of interest to publicart@bouldercolorado.gov if you’re interested in serving in an upcoming public art selection panel.



 Office of Arts + Culture Events

Stay connected! Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter and visit our events page often to learn about arts and cultural events in the community.




  • Sample Public Art Contract
  • Free paint! Boulder County Hazardous Materials Program has free paint available to the community, and could be a great resource if you are interested in painting a mural. Visit the website, or contact Shelly at 720-564-2243.