Ana Maria Hernando

Knitting Ballet, 2016

Performance in collaboration with Dance of the Heart
Knitting Ballet was performed along two separate bus routes during high ridership commute times. The two performers rode the bus route, got off at each stop to perform during the wait time, then boarded the next bus to continue along the route.

Knitting Ballet by Ana Maria Hernando (video production by The Bridge Studio)


Knitting Ballet invites a sweet interruption to commuters’ routine. Hernando received this commission as an opportunity to push concepts she explores within her traditional studio practice into a public realm. Hernando’s installations and paintings focus on revealing a more full portrayal of women’s lives and experiences. She additionally explores ways individuals can be transformed when they come together, and tailored Knitting Ballet around this notion.

Portrayed through impromptu music and dance, Hernando created a narrative of two individuals, previously separated, that come together through knitting and music. The individuals inspire each other and their audience. This narrative was performed along two of Boulder’s high ridership bus routes during peak commute. Dance of the Heart adapted to the harsh concrete environment and performed impromptu to the classic tango score “Gallo Ciego” by Bardi, delivering a surprise that momentarily relieved viewers’ minds of their worries and commute.