Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program


About the Program

Murals are recognized tools to convey the pulse of community. Activated in Boulder, murals create an opportunity to collectively promote the unique personalities of the city. In 2018, the Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program was launched to support new artwork commissions on residential properties, visible from public paths and streets, throughout Boulder. Through open calls, homeowners and professional artists applied to participate. Selected homeowners are working with the Office of Arts and Culture to partner with regional artists from the City-approved mural artist roster. These homeowner + artist teams are in the process of painting murals on homes, garages and fences that can be seen from the public right-of-way. Homeowners have committed to maintaining the mural for at least five years. Keep an eye out for a new mural in your neighborhood!

Funding for the Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program is made available through the Community Culture and Safety Tax. The total program budget for 2018 is $25,000 with up to $2,500 provided by the City for each mural project.

Participating Artists

There are ten mural projects being installed this year by the following artists:

Sam Cikauskas, Boulder, CO
Susan Dailey & Eleanor Yates, Fort Collins, CO
Jason Garcia, Denver, CO
Chris Huang, Boulder, CO
Brandy LeMae, Boulder, CO
Patrick Maxcy, Golden, CO
Catherine Pistone, Boulder, CO
V. Ross, Boulder, CO
Tony Zellaha, Denver, CO
Lindee Zimmer, Denver, CO


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