Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program

Murals are recognized tools to convey the personality and pulse of a community. These artworks are quick to deploy, and, with minimal upkeep, have potential of a lasting impact on and bringing together diverse communities.

The Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program is an opportunity to collectively promote the unique personalities of Boulder through the commissioning of murals on private properties within the city’s nine sub-communities. In its inaugural year, the program has three feature components: a roster of artists living in the Front Range Corridor, a homeowner application, and up to $2,500 provided by the Office of Arts and Culture for each mural. For 2018, nine new projects are anticipated – one project within each of Boulder’s sub-communities. The applications are first come, first serve, per sub-community. Click to view a map of Boulder’s sub-communities.

The program promotes a partnership between homeowners and artists to create artworks visible from public paths and streets. Homeowners and artists work together to determine a specific site and design that will be a feature in the community for at least five years. Creativity is encouraged in selecting a mural site, as long as it is visible from the public right-of-way. Potential sites may include: exterior walls, garage doors, fences, sheds, pavement/driveway, etc. Homeowners interested in applying must live within the boundaries of the city of Boulder.


Homeowner Application (available early May)

Mural Artist Roster Application (DEADLINE: May 16, 2018)


May 16, 2018; 11:59 pm MST – Mural Artist Roster applications due

May 31, 2018; 11:59 pm MST – Homeowner applications due

Mid-June 2018 – match artists and homeowners

June – July 2018 – design and approval

August – October 2018 – mural painting


Total program budget is roughly $25,000 funded through the Community Culture and Safety Tax. Up to $2,500 will be available for each mural.