City Wide Murals

Penfield Tate Mural – Boulder Public Library

By Detour

Location: North side of Boulder Public Library

About the Project

This mural was created in summer 2020 by artist Detour. It honors Penfield Tate, the first and only black mayor of Boulder, Colorado and his great leadership for the city. There was no visualization of Tate in the city prior to this mural and its creation coincided with the renaming of the municipal building to Penfield Tate’s name. Tate is known for his humanitarian efforts and for being an outspoken LGBTQ activist.

About the Artist

Thomas Evans aka Detour is a muralist based in Denver. He is internationally known for his bright, colorful, and massive portraiture murals.

Arapahoe Underpass Mural

by Sandra Fettingis and Lauren Napolitano

Location: Boulder Creek Path at the east Arapahoe Underpass
approximate coordinates: 40°00’53.1″N 105°14’40.1″W

Into The Blue from And Art Space on Vimeo.

About the Project

This mural was produced by the Office of Arts and Culture, in collaboration with Boulder Parks & Recreation and & Art Space. In need of repair, the mural revitalizes the wall and creates an exhibition space for new artwork in the city.

About the Artists

Sandra Fettingis is a Denver-based artist whose artwork is included in permanent and private collections throughout the Unites States, including Denver RTD, Chicago’s Bloomingdale Mural Project, Colorado Convention Center, and President’s Hotel NYC.

Lauren Napolitano is a mixed-media artist who travels extensively for commissions and creative projects. Her work can be seen in private and public spaces throughout the United States, Mexico, Nepal and the United Kingdom.

6th Street Underpass Mural

The Office of Arts and Culture, in collaboration with And Art Space and the City of Boulder departments of Parks and Recreation and transportation welcomes a new mural by Anna Charney, found at the 6th Street Underpass of the Boulder Creek Trail.

Boulder’s pedestrian trails are highly travelled assets, boasting much natural beauty. However, the underpasses can be dark and uninspiring. This opportunity to bring artwork to the 6th Street Underpass dramatically changes the experience and invites people to encounter art in unexpected places.

About the Artist

Anna Charney received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 with a focus on painting and drawing. She is currently living and working in her hometown of Denver.

9th Street Underpass Mural

The Office of Arts and Culture, in collaboration with madelife Gallery and the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, welcomes a new collaborative mural by Michelle Miller and Madeleine Tonzi.

This mural is a fun addition to the city’s collection of public art and a vibrant, colorful contribution to creativity in the public realm, a priority of the Community Cultural Plan. Miller and Tonzi approached this site as an incredible opportunity to collaborate. Their work shares a focus on dynamic color and organic form, while exploring concepts of place, engagement, mindset and creation in the present moment.

About the Artists

Michelle Miller received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 with a focus in printmaking. She currently lives in Boulder and exhibits her work across the U.S. “For me, color holds so much information, from just my day-to-day experiences travelling or my experiences in queer culture to moving between a lot of mecca cities especially in terms of our political climate,” said Miller.

Madeleine Tonzi received her BFA from the California College of the Arts in 2010. Originally from Santa Fe, NM her work rests on the concept of Solastalgia, a term used to describe the emotional distress people were experiencing due to the loss of their environment as a result of industrial extraction and the impact of climate change.

Martin Acres Neighborhood Murals

Initiated by Arts Martin Acres through a neighborhood enhancement grant with support from the Office of Arts and Culture and Department of Transportation.


Arts Martin Acres from Arts Martin Acres on Vimeo.

Martin Drive underpass by Katherine Rutter

Moorhead Drive underpass by David Polka