Participating Artist: Mary Mattingly

Everything At Once

Mary Mattingly

Brooklyn, NY

Everything At Once will be on view the last week of September through the end of October at Boulder Creative Collective: 2500 47th St. Unit 10, Boulder, CO 80301

Project Description:

What are the connections between military action and material extraction in the U.S.? How do we understand a bigger system that was written for us, before us, and by proxy perpetuated by us? The ever presence of objects with violent histories undeniably draws out the connections and contradictions we live with everyday in the U.S. With an expanding military economy and slow erosion of public services, the sculpture titled, Everything At Once, engages not in silence or silos but instead turns outward to reimagine public life together.

Charred wood from a U.S. public school, a military trailer used in Afghanistan, public water, an agricultural tank, plants, and light make a bridge for communication and a platform for contemplation. Everything At Once asks: can we process complex histories through the transformation of objects in order to collectively imagine other ways of being in the world?