Civic Area

Public Art coming soon to Boulder’s Civic Area: 11th Street Spine!

(formerly titled the Civic Area Magnet)

Project Introduction

The Civic Area is a civic and cultural hub invites its community to play, engage, learn, contemplate and converse. The public art opportunities will be temporary and permanent, all working together to create an “ever vibrant,” alive and constantly changing artistic environment that is exciting and engaging for all ages.

The civic area already serves as a destination for many cultural amenities:

  • Performing arts including concerts, theater, and dance;
  • outdoor cinema;
  • street performers;
  • the cultural destinations of BMoCA, the Dushanbe Teahouse, and the Boulder County Farmer’s Market;
  • programming by the Main Library including concerts, cinema, and the maker space;
  • cultural festivals; and
  • permanent and temporary public art.

The Civic Area will be enhanced with further investments in cultural activity including destinations, events, and visual experiences. Through phased public art and programming, the goal is to create a highly-programmed setting in which anyone can expect to have an enlightening, edifying visit. Without checking a calendar or website, you will know that wonderful things will be happening when you visit the Civic Area.

 Announcing the Semifinalists!

Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues (Ball-Nogues Studio), Los Angeles, CA
Adam Frank, Brooklyn, NY
Adam Kuby, Portland, OR
Patrick Marold, Denver, CO
Mark Reigelman, Brooklyn, NY

Upcoming Project Meetings

All meetings are open to the public for observation

  • Civic Area Public Art Proposals | Thursday, July 27, 2017 | 12p to 4:30p | Flagstaff Room, Boulder Public Library

Artwork Location

The artwork site will be incorporated into the final design of the new park land layout within Boulder’s Civic Area.  Artwork is desired to be located at the north end of the park along the newly aligned 11th Street pedestrian trail, located at approximately 40°00’55.6″N 105°16’49.5″W or approximately 1108 Boulder Canyon Drive.  An additional location to consider is a threshold system along the newly aligned 11th Street. The finalist will have flexibility to identify a precise site within the areas adjacent. More information can be found at

Selection Panel Participants

Yumi Roth, Assoc. Professor of Sculpture & Post-Studio Practice, CU Boulder (Community Member / Artist)
David Dadone, Exec. Dir. + Chief Curator, BMoCA (Community Member / Arts Professional)
Rachel Lee, Architect, Mosaic Architects (Community Member / Arts Professional)
Zoe Larkins, Curatorial Assistant, MCA Denver (Community Member / Arts Professional)
Ann Moss (Community Member)
Felicia Furman (Boulder Arts Commissioner)

Technical Review Committee

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