Preliminary Scores for 2017 General Operating Grants for Large and Small/Mid-sized Organizations

Reminders for the Applicants:

  • From this point onward, please do not contact the jury panel members. Applicants with questions or concerns about the status of their application may contact staff, who then may at their discretion, communicate with the jury members. Communications will not be passed on to jury members if the staff determines that the question or message: a) is intended to lobby the jury members in favor of an application, or b) will purposefully or inadvertently interfere with the stewardship of the grants program.
  • Applicants have until the meeting on Wednesday, June 21 at 6:00 p.m., Boulder Creek Meeting Room, Boulder Main Library(park on the Arapahoe side) to prepare a 3-minute presentation. The presentation is intended to add to the information found in the application based on the comments and questions of the jury panel. Please do not repeat the information in your application. Use your time wisely to directly answer concerns or questions the panel has, or to give new information about your project / program that will make your application stronger. These presentations are not mandatory, so if there are no concerns to address, it is not necessary for you to speak. To ensure fair and consistent presentations, you may not provide a slideshow, video, or distribute printed materials during the presentation.
  • The order of the presentations will be the same as in the preliminary scores and comments document posted here on the website. Use this order and the Agenda posted on our website before the meeting, to give you an approximate time when you will present.
  • Applicants make their 3 minute presentations at the Arts Commission meeting. After the presentation, the jury panel members may ask a few questions. Applicants should be prepared to answer these questions quickly. The Commission Chair will be tasked with keeping the presentations timed, and the questions and answers brief, in order to allow for an equitable amount of time for all applicants as well as for the final approval process. Please remember these are preliminary scores and may change after your presentations. The full Jury Decision Process for the Large and Small/Mid-sized Organizations Operational Grants is explained in this link.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Click at 720-564-2355 or

The Preliminary Scores and Comments for the Large Organizations may be found in the link below:
Preliminary Scores and Comments

NamePage #s
 Boulder Ballet2 – 3
Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company4 – 5
Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra6 – 7
Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts9 – 8
Museum of Boulder 10 – 11

The Preliminary Scores and Comments for the Small/Mid-sized Organizations may be found in the link below:

Preliminary Scores and Comments

NamePage #s
3rd Law Dance/Theater2 – 3
Art Parts Creative Reuse Center4 – 5
BaoBao Foundation6 – 8
Beyond Academia LLC9 – 10
Boulder Metalsmithing Association11 – 12
Boulder MUSE13 – 15
Boulder Samba School16 – 17
 Cindy Brandle Dance Company18 – 20
 Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras21 – 22
 Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet23 – 24
 Natural Highs25 – 26
 Rocky Mountain Revels27 – 29
 Seicento Baroque Ensemble30 – 32
 Society for Creative Aging33 – 34
 square product theatre35 – 36
 The Boulder Creative Collective Warehouse37 – 38
The Schiff Dance Collective39 – 40
The Upstart Crow, Inc.41 – 43
Truth Be Told44 – 45