Mural Artist Roster

The Boulder Office of Arts and Culture’s Mural Artist Roster serves as a resource to identify artists suitable for new artwork commissions, including public projects with the city and private commissions in the community.

Assembled through an open call, the current roster includes 75+ professional artists from the Front Range region (CO & WY) who have each provided up to eight images for their roster portfolio. These artists are organized in reverse alphabetical order by last name, from Z to A.

Opportunity! 2022 Mural Artist Roster:

Artists living in the Front Range Corridor are invited to submit qualifications for the Boulder Office of Arts and Culture’s Mural Artist Roster. This roster serves as a resource to identify artists most suitable for new artwork commissions, including the Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program. The roster is updated annually and artists currently listed on the roster are invited to reapply. Deadline October 15th, 2022. Apply here. 

2021 Mural Artist Roster

Julia Williams | Boulder, CO |

Bryce Widom | Longmont, CO

Rosario Weston | Colorado Springs, CO

Jess Webb | Evergreen, CO

Tom Ward | Denver, CO

Natalia Vinueza | Boulder, CO

Julie Vaught | Longmont, CO

Juan Usubillaga | Boulder, CO

Buddy & Wanda Townsend | Golden, CO

Talia Swartz Parsell | Denver, CO

Lisa Stephenson | Denver, CO

Kaila Spencer | Boulder, CO

Adam Scott | Arvada, CO

Caleb Schmitz | Boulder, CO

Peggy Sands | Boulder, CO

Kristin Royal | Denver, CO

Victor Rivera & Gigi Douglas | Boulder, CO

David Ray | Denver, CO

Allison Ramirez | Fort Collins, CO

Heather Reimer & Wemer Schreiber | Fort Collins, CO

qwynto | Wheat Ridge, CO |

Jessie Patterson | Longmont, CO

Leah Pantea | Niwot, CO

Angie Nordstrum | Erie, CO

Jeanne Mitchell | Lousiville, CO

Dwight Maskew | Arvada, CO

Elaine Lipson | Boulder, CO

Clair Laustsen | Aurora, CO

Erin King | Boulder, CO

Amy Johnson & Johnny Draco | Denver, CO

Carl & Margaret Jensen | Wheatland, WY

Keely Hertzel | Denver, CO

Stefan Hauswald | Denver, CO

Samantha Hauser | Boulder, CO

Chelsea Hart | Denver, CO

Courtney Giblin | Boulder, CO

Marco Garcia | Westminister, CO

Mario Miguel Echevarria | Longmont, CO

Cya Davis-Thomas | Denver, CO

AJ Davis | Denver, CO

Susan Cooper | Englewood, CO

KoCo Collab | Denver, CO

Annette Coleman | Lakewood, CO

Evan Colbert | Longmont, CO

Jerome Coffey | Boulder, CO

Kyra Coates | Longmont, CO

Conner Choi | Denver, CO

Katy Casper | Littleton, CO

Justin Camilli | Denver, CO

Drew Button | Denver, CO

Angela Beloian | Longmont, CO

Jess Bean | Fort Collins, CO

Chelsea Barvir | Colorado Springs, CO

Will Barker | Denver, CO