Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund

Jaipur Boulder

Jaipur Boulder


The resiliency of Boulder’s cultural organizations, businesses, and creative professionals is enhanced by their ability to innovate and take risks. Too often do pioneering ideas get sacrificed as cultural leaders deal with day-to-day operations and tight budgets. The goal of the Innovation Fund is to provide opportunities for creative professionals and businesses to try new ideas and experiment. The fund is focused on projects for innovation in management, technology, and programming that will help organizations grow their capacity.  


Examples of projects for the Innovation Fund may include:  

  • Cultural activity to engage the civic conversation
  • Innovative commissioned work
  • Art presented in new and/or uncommon venues
  • Creative place-making activity
  • Crossing disciplines or art forms
  • Creative use of emerging technology
  • Programs for underserved communities, and
  • Experiments with non-traditional business models and income source

Total Funds: $12,000
Details: As a “fund”, there is no specific dollar amount or set number of grants.  Rather, this is considered a pool of funding which can be mobilized for the best proposals.
Cycle: Annually

Eligibility Criteria

General Eligibility. Meets all general eligibility requirements.

Open to All. Anyone may apply once the General Eligibility Guidelines are met, including individuals, artists, non-profit organizations, organizations with pending non-profit status, fiscally sponsored organizations and for-profit organizations with a community focus. Organizations not headquartered in Boulder may be considered (refer to Jury Evaluation question # 4).

Service Area and Programming.  Projects must have a significant component of public programming that takes place in the city limits of Boulder and that the programming meets the criteria described in the Chapter 14-1-2 of the City of Boulder Revised Code.

Evaluation Criteria

  • What is the experiment?  Provide a narrative on your proposal and specifics on how this funding will allow you / your organization to experiment with a new management concept, an emerging technology, or an untried programmatic practice.  What is the idea you wish to test?
  • How will you conduct the experiment?  Explain how you plan to test the idea.  What steps are involved?  What challenges are faced in conducting the experiment?  And, how will these risks be mitigated?
  • What do you hope to learn?  Describe the tools you will use to measure the results of the experiment.  What does success look like?  What evaluation is necessary to understand success or failure?
  • What might the impact be?  If the experiment proves your concept, what are the potential benefits for you, your organization, or the community?  What would it take to operationalize a program based on the experiment?
  • Boulder Focus. Are you a Boulder organization / individual serving Boulder or are you an organization / individual outside of Boulder and to what degree do you focus on Boulder programming?


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT APPLICATION: Wednesday, April 13, 5pm (Closed)

April 14 – 20 Staff Review of Grants
April 21 –29 Grant Revision by Applicants
April 30 – May 11 First Panel Review and Scoring by Commissioners (Reasons for Scoring)
May 12 – Packet with Scoring Released Online
May 12 – 18 Applicants have time to prepare 3 minute optional presentation/case for their grant/answer questions
May 18 – BAC Meeting- Applicant presentations; final decision on grant awards


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