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Boulder Ballet

Boulder Ballet


The Community Cultural Plan identifies a set of “Community Priorities” derived directly from the hopes and aspirations of Boulder’s residents:

A.     Support the resiliency and sustainability of cultural organizations to enhance their ability to benefit the community.
B.     Create a supportive environment for artists and creative professionals, while fostering innovative thinking and leadership among them.
C.     Prioritize the civic dialogue about the ability of culture to positively contribute to the economy, social offerings, the environment, and the authentic expression of diversity.
D.    Develop Boulder’s creative identity in becoming an innovative world leader in cultural matters and project that identity to the region and the world.
E.     Focus on the expression of culture and creativity in the public realm through public art, the urban landscape, culture in the neighborhoods, and serendipitous encounters with the arts.
F.    Amplify the vibrancy of Boulder’s cultural destinations: the lively mix of museums, performance venues, events, districts, studios, maker spaces, and other facilities that make Boulder an enticing place to visit, live, play, and work. Fill in the gaps and address issues of access and affordability.

These complex issues are the most important initiatives we can work on as a cultural community in the coming years. The purpose of the Community Projects grant is to encourage innovation and exploration in order to achieve progress on these Community Priorities.

Total Funds: $30,000
Awards: 3 @ $10,000 each
Details: The award amount of $10,000 is a maximum funding guideline. Smaller requests will be accepted.
Cycle: Annually

 Eligibility Criteria

General Eligibility. Meets all general eligibility requirements.

Open to All. Anyone may apply once the General Eligibility Guidelines are met, including individuals, artists, non-profit organizations, organizations with pending non-profit status, fiscally sponsored organizations and for-profit organizations with a community focus. Organizations not headquartered in Boulder may be considered (refer to Jury Evaluation question # 4).

Service area and Programming.  Projects must have a significant component of public programming that takes place in the city limits of Boulder and that the programming meets the criteria described in the Chapter 14-1-2 of the City of Boulder Revised Code.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Community Priorities
  • Cultural Offerings
  • Full Access
  • Proposed Outcomes and Evaluation Strategy
  • Boulder Focus


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT APPLICATION: Wednesday, March 16, 5 p.m. (Closed)

March 17 – 25 Staff review of grant applications
March 26 – March 30 Grant revisions by applicants (if necessary)
March 31 – April 12 Online review/scoring by Commissioners (reasons for scoring)
April 13 – Grant scoring released on the arts department website
April 13 – 20 Applicants have time to prepare 3 minute presentation/case for their grant/answer questions
April 20 – BAC Meeting- Applicant presentations; final decision on grant awards


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