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Pat ChapmanAssemblage art by Patricia Chapman

Artist Statement:

Several years ago in a small gold encrusted 18th century room in the magnificent basilica in Guadalupe, Spain I came face to face with the power of objects. There a monk turned an enameled panel overlooking the nave to reveal a small, primitive figure of the virgin to face the reverent gaze of those in the room who had made the pilgrimage to see her. The myth of the virgin’s miraculous unearthing in the 13th century had propelled this unimpressive little figure to super star status in the world of icons. It was from that encounter that I came to realize that I wanted to utilize the power of objects to become metaphors for the ideas, concepts and stories I explore.

The objects I use in my assemblage art are rich with the patina of prior history and dripping with symbolic potential. These castoffs, remnants and oddities play starring roles, along with text and a large measure of humor, allowing me to create commentaries about life, love and other impossible situations.

To purchase artwork, contact Patricia, at or call 303-953-1150.

Patricia’s artwork is on display in the Arts Resource space for the months of July and August.

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