Cultural Summit 4

SUMMARY OF THE 4th CULTURAL SUMMIT, JULY 13, 2016 – The Dairy Arts Center

About 50 representatives from Cultural Organizations met on Wednesday July 13 at the Dairy to explore ways for organizations could pool resources, collaborate and form synergistic relationships. In a questionnaire sent out before the meeting, three main areas were identified for more discussion and where more support was needed: 1) “Outward” functions including: Collaboration, Fundraising, Venues and Facility sharing, Outreach to underserved populations, Mentoring and being mentored 2) “Inward” functions including: Business functions, Operations, Insurance, Human resources, Planning, Start-up and Legal and 3) Communications. See the attachment to print the results of the questionnaire.

The larger group broke into 3 smaller groups according to the budget size of the organization: 1) $500k+ led by So Young Lee; 2) $100k-$499k led by Steve O’Bryan and 3) Under $100k led by Charlotte LaSasso.

The discussion in the groups resulted in these ideas and areas being identified as most imminently needing attention:

1) Publicist: Organizations felt the need for a coalition which shared a publicist who would market and distribute content provided by individual organizations to printed media, social media sites, and radio or create a new avenue through which organizations could promote their events. This person might also act as an in-house reporter.
2) Venue Fund: There is a need for grant funds to supplement rental of all types of venues.
3) Advocacy (Create Boulder)

Action: Roundtable to share knowledge. So Young Lee is convening a roundtable discussion of large organizations to share expertise on HR and Legal issues and to divide up research areas for any new compliance matters. If you are interested, please contact So Young at

$100k – $499k
1) Meet-ups: This group felt it was important to have facilitated meet-ups on a variety of topics, and in addition, peer learning sessions in a less formal, more social setting in order to form real connections.
2) Organization Index: A complete listing of cultural organizations in Boulder with contact information, websites, social media handles is needed. A Calendar of cultural events is also needed.
3) Critical review process: There is little or no critical reviews of work by the press in Boulder.

Action: Peer group meeting. Steve O’Bryan would like to reach out to this group to have a “peer group” meetings. Anyone interested in attending or helping Steve organize this please contact him at

Under $100k
1) Marketing: “Take matters in our (artists) hands.” Social media, print media and have Business of Arts in the Biz section of the paper. City sponsored website. Passport. Thematic, county-wide collaborations including 1st Fridays.
2) Small organization list serve: For immediate correspondence on topics applicable to groups with budgets <$100k
3) Resources/Ideas for Finding Volunteers: Including ‘speed dating’ sessions, open houses to recruit volunteers, Volunteer Day (similar to a Job Fair).
4) Arts Calendar: Collaborative approach- Art groups would also list other arts organizations’ events on their calendar. Have a shared calendar submission form.
5) Executive Director Mash-Ups

Action: Beth Merckel and Lisa Nesmith have created a Google email group/forum call ‘Boulder Arts.’ To join go to and search for ‘Boulder Arts’. Submit a request to join.