Cultural Organization Index Survey (FY16 Grantees)

Common Organizational Evaluation.

You may use your copy of the Excel spreadsheet that you sent in for your mid-year report and add data for FY16 and projected FY17 or the original spreadsheet can be found on our website.

Please follow the link below to download the Excel spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet to your computer, then fill it out. When you have completed the information, save it, rename it to include your organization’s name and follow the instructions below to upload it and attach it to this report. Be sure to keep a copy of this spreadsheet as you will need it for subsequent reports.

This survey will establish baseline data for an index of organizational sustainability/resiliency and thus progress towards goals and priorities in the Cultural Plan regarding the ecosystem of cultural offerings. This information is required but not part of the review of your grant.

For this FY16 Final Report please complete the information for FY16 & projected FY17. We realize that you may not be able to fill out all the information we have requested.  Please do the best you can so that you provide us with as accurate a picture of your organization as possible.

Cultural Organization Index Survey