Boulder Arts Commission

The Boulder Arts Commission was established in 1979 to increase awareness and support for the arts. It consists of five members appointed by City Council for five-year terms.

Current Commissioners

The Commission’s functions are:
(1) To promote and encourage the development and public awareness of and interest in the fine and performing arts in the city;
(2) To advise the city council in connection with all matters relating to the artistic and cultural development of the city;
(3) To perform such other functions associated with the arts as the council may from time to time direct;
(4) To make recommendations to the council with respect to annual budget appropriations for the arts;
(5) To assist in the preparation of applications for grants or other sources of funding for arts programs for the city;
(6) To administer the city arts grant program and other city arts programs pursuant to any authority provided therefor by ordinance of the council; and
(7) To advise and consult with local arts groups as requested by such groups or by the council.


Applications for Arts Commissioner

Applicants are required to be a resident of the City of Boulder. The term runs for five years. For more information to become an Arts Commissioner, please go to the City of Boulder’s website.