2022 Arts Administration Rehiring Grants

For this application in other languages please contact the Office of Arts + Culture Arts Program Manager Lauren Click at clickl@bouldercolorado.gov


To respond to industry-specific, COVID-related workforce impacts through targeted grants to arts organizations. This grant is an enhancement grant to rehire of arts administration positions that were eliminated due to the pandemic. This grant is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act.

The creative industries represent approximately 10% of the workforce in Boulder (WESTAF Creative Vitality Snapshot for the City of Boulder, 2017). This sector was disproportionately impacted by the pandemic; one study by Colorado State University and Colorado Creative Industries estimates that, state-wide, the industry retracted by about one decade of growth in workforce and revenue (2020 Colorado Creative Economy Report, 15-17).

How to Apply

  1. Review the below information in full.
  2. Log onto the Boulder Arts Commission online grant portal. If you have not logged on before, make a profile. Applications must be submitted using our online grant applications.
  3. Complete the application by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline. The application consists of:
    1. Online application form
    2. Financial Overview Document
    3. Documentation of loss. Applicants must demonstrate the position was eliminated due to pandemic restrictions or recession, and dated from 2020 or 2021. Open to standard employees or long-term contractors. In the grant agreement, organizations will be expected to affirm that funding for the position will be planned for after the grant elapses in 2024. Examples of documentation may include board minutes documenting the eliminated position, notice to employees, etc. If you have questions please feel free to contact Lauren Click at clickl@bouldercolorado.gov.
    4. Anti-discrimination Statement
    5. Staff List
  4. Look for an automated email message confirming receipt of your application.
  5. After the deadline, staff will send all applications to the panel for ranking and comments. The panel consists of the seven City Council-appointed Boulder Arts Commissioners.
  6. At the decision meeting, the members of the Boulder Arts Commission then deliberate to decide final approval of the applications which will receive a grant.
  7. When a grant is awarded, staff from the Office of Arts and Culture will contact the successful applicant to complete any necessary paperwork.


Total Funds: $879,000 over three years (2022 to 2024)

Awards: Funds are awarded for three years. 10 grants at $87,900 divided over three years.

Cycle: Triannual (Every year for three years)

  • Once an applicant is approved to receive an Arts Administration Rehiring Grant, the approval would be valid for the full three-year cycle.
  • Reporting once a year, the organizations will be responsible for providing the Boulder Arts Commission with necessary information to track progress on their hired staff member.
  • Due to the rules of the City of Boulder’s budget process, the commitment is made for only one year at a time. At the end of each year the Boulder Arts Commission will re-certify that the grant continues into the next year by approving the report. At that time, the Boulder Arts Commission may also choose to review specific organizations that may have defaulted on the terms of their award in order to advise staff to take action.
  • At each November meeting of the Boulder Arts Commission, when the city budget is identified, staff will build recommendations on allocations for the following year. This may include increases or decreases to the award allocations for grant recipients in proportion to the overall change of the budget of the Office of Arts Culture.

Decision timelines

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT APPLICATION: Monday, July 11 at 11:59 p.m.

Arts Administration Rehiring Grants

  • June 1, 2022 – Applications open
  • Monday, July 11 at 11:59 p.m. – Deadline for applications
  • July 11 to 15 – Review by staff for eligibility and revision by applicants if necessary
  • July 15 to August 4 – Review and ranking by panel (21 days)
  • August 4 to August 12 – Score processing by staff
  • August 12 – Ranking sent to applicants via email (published in the Arts Commission packet)
  • August 17 – Arts Commission meeting. Discussion and final decisions on grants.

    Eligibility Requirements

    • General eligibility. Meets all General Eligibility requirements.
    • Open to all. Any organization may apply if the General Eligibility Requirements are met, including non-profit organizations, organizations with pending non-profit status, fiscally sponsored organizations, and for-profit organizations with a community focus.
    • Service area and programming. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that a majority of the organization’s programming takes place in the City of Boulder and that the programming meets the criteria described in the Chapter 14-1-2 of the City of Boulder Revised Code. The organization must also demonstrate that they are headquartered in Boulder. For the determination of programming or organizational headquarters location, the term “Boulder” is defined in the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. For additional information on the planning area and Comprehensive Plan visit this link. As a short hand, office staff use addresses with the zip code starting with 803— to determine if it is in the acceptable area.
    • Award Limitations. One grant per organization will be awarded.
    • Positions Allowed. Applicants must demonstrate the position was eliminated due to the pandemic restrictions or recession. Open to full time and part time regular staff, long-term contractors, and restoration of a position to full time are eligible uses of the grant. In the grant agreement, organizations will be expected to affirm that funding for the position will be planned for after the grant elapses in 2024.

    Review Process

    • Deliberation. Grant applications are reviewed at Boulder Arts Commission meetings.
    • Evaluation of applications. Funding in previous years does not imply continued support. Each application is reviewed anew in the context of current policies and applications. Applicants that have received repeated funding should be aware that the Boulder Arts Commission looks for indication of growth and a fresh approach to their work. Though there is no eligibility restriction for applicants who have applied for, received, or are currently executing other Arts Commission grants, be aware that the grants panel may take such circumstances into account.
    • Evaluation. Commissioners will review and rank the applications based on the following criterion:
      • How significant is the rehiring of this position to a) the success of the organization, b) the ability of the organization to carry out its mission, and/or c) to the potential career growth of an arts administrator hired for the position? The Community Cultural Plan encourages cultural leaders to improve the conditions of the arts workforce including sustainable wages, encouraging young professionals to build a resilient career in Boulder, and fostering the racial diversity of the leadership pipeline. Please consider these aspects of the Cultural Plan in your response.

    The ranking will constitute an individual score.  The sum of all commissioner scores will result in a final score.  There will be no rescoring step.


    Log onto the Boulder Arts Commission online grant portal to preview and apply. If you have not logged on before, make a profile. Applications must be submitted using our online grant applications. We encourage you to watch this training video for instructions on registering and applying online.

    Appeals Process

    Written Appeals Process. The deadline for a written appeal is 14 days after funding decisions has been made by the Boulder Arts Commission. The appeals process can be found here.


    Grant report forms are on the Boulder Arts Commission grants software. Log in with the same user name and password utilized to submit the application. After logging in, go to the ‘Dashboard’, then you’ll see a ‘Follow Up’ section for the grant. On the far right is the ‘Edit’ button. That will take you to complete the final report.

    After you submit the report you’ll receive email confirmation and copy of the report via the email that you have included in the report. Contact Lauren Click at clickl@bouldercolorado.gov or 720-564-2355 if you do not receive email confirmation.

    More Information

    General Eligibility Requirements
    General Grant Guidelines & Process
    Grant FAQs