2021 Venue and Online Event Affordability Fund

Boulder Theater

Si prefiere leer esta información en español, por favor haga clic aquí. Se puede responder a la solicitud en español. Un miembro del personal de la Oficina de Artes y Cultura traducirá sus respuestas para que sean revisadas.

For this application in other languages please contact the Office of Arts + Culture staff Lauren Click at clickl@boulderlibrary.org.


To facilitate and assist community cultural groups with access and affordability of performance venues and hosting online programming, the Boulder Arts Commission is offering support in the form of rental assistance, the purchase of Personal Protection Equipment and/or, COVID-19 testing, and/or equipment for hosting online programming, such as video software, cameras, and/or tech support.


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS: Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

FUNDING DETAILS: Up to 50% of all event costs to a maximum of $1,000. One grant per applicant per year. $20,450 is available for funding on October 11, 2021 until funds are exhausted.

How to Apply

  1. Review the below information in full.
  2. Log onto the Boulder Arts Commission online grant portal. If you have not logged on before, make a profile. Applications must be submitted using our online grant applications. We encourage you to watch this training video for instructions on registering and applying online.
  3. The application consists of:
    1. Online application form.
    2. Venue confirmation: letter of verification or contract
    3. Budget Summary for the project
  4. Look for an automated email message confirming receipt of your application.
  5. Venue and Online Event Affordability Funds are decided upon on the first of each month and are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  6. Staff reviews applications and awards are announced at the next meeting of the Boulder Arts Commission following the deadline.
  7. If you are awarded a grant, staff from the Office of Arts and Culture will contact you to complete any necessary paperwork.

Eligibility Requirements

  • General eligibility. Meets all general eligibility requirements.
  • Open to all. Anyone may apply once the general eligibility guidelines are met.
  • Timeframe. Event dates must take place after the grant funding decision and before November 1, 2022.
  • Venues must be in Boulder, as described in the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, and may include non-traditional locations. You must include a confirmation from your hosting venue that the project is approved and scheduled.
  • The Venue and Online Event Affordability Fund may not be used to pay for ongoing rental of a space or building or the expenses associated with doing so.

Review Process

  • Deliberation. Proposals for the Venue and Online Event Affordability Funds are approved through administrative review by staff of the City of Boulder Office of Arts and Culture and awards are announced at the next meeting of the Boulder Arts Commission following the deadline.
  • Evaluation of applications. Proposals for the Venue and Online Event Affordability Funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis to those who have met all the requirements of application, including the venue confirmation and budget summary. Award in previous years does not imply continued support.


To preview and apply, log on to the Boulder Arts Commission grants software and complete the online grant application.


Grant report forms are on the Boulder Arts Commission grants software. Log onto the same account used to apply for the grant, go to your ‘Dashboard’ and you’ll see a ‘Follow Up’ section for the grant. On the far right is an ‘Edit’ button. That will take you to review and complete the final report. The report due date is in your grant application.

After you submit the report you’ll receive email confirmation and copy of the report via the email that you have included in the report. Contact Lauren Click at clickl@boulderlibrary.org or 720-564-2355 if you do not receive email confirmation.

Appeals Process

Written Appeals Process. The deadline for a written appeal is 14 days after funding decisions has been made by the Boulder Arts Commission. The appeals process can be found here.

More Information

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