2018 Grants Program

In 2018, the Boulder Arts Commission grants program will offer over $170,000 for community projects, arts education projects, professional development scholarships, venue rental assistance, and more. Grants are available for organizations, individuals, and classrooms.

These funds are part of the $675,000 in community funding for our cultural organizations and artists in 2018. Visit our list of grant awardees.

Apply today for grants on the Boulder Arts Commission online system!

Project Grants

Community Project Grant: Encourage innovation and exploration in order to achieve progress on these Community Priorities from Boulder’s Community Cultural Plan.

Arts Education Project Grant: Increase exposure of students to unique experiences that may shape their future in cultural participation and creative careers.

Strategic Funds

Macky Auditorium Free Rental: 16 rent-free days to facilitate and assist cultural groups performing at Macky. Supplementary grants are also available.

Rental Assistance Fund (Boulder Venues): Funds distributed to help with access and affordability.


Cultural Field Trips Fund: Funding for children who attend a Title 1 school to visit Boulder’s arts institutions and cultural destinations.


Professional Development Scholarships: Encouraging leadership and the sharing of good practices through professional development will advance our creative economy, support professionals and businesses, and enhance cultural dialog.

Operating Grants

Operating Grants bolster the sustainability of the community’s cultural organizations, a system of operational grants is a priority for the cultural grants program.  This system of institutional funding supports the Community Priorities and goals in the Community Cultural Plan. Operating Grants cover day-to-day activities or ongoing expenses such as administrative salaries, utilities, office supplies, technology maintenance, etc., as well as for project costs, technology purchases, and professional development.

Boulder Arts Commission Operating Grants are on triennial and bi-annual cycles and thus not open for application in 2018. To view current grantees visit the Grant Awards page.

For grantees with questions about reporting please contact Lauren Click at clickl@boulderlibrary.org or 720-564-2355.

Questions? Contact information, office hours and private appointments

Have questions? Feel free to call, email, or visit our office or book a private appointment.

Office Hours
Fridays in January 2018 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Office of Arts + Culture, Boulder Main Public Library
1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302
Ask for Lauren Click, Grants Coordinator

By appointment
Contact Lauren Click at clickl@boulderlibrary.org or 720-564-2355 to book

Photo 1: ZEE JLF@Boulder Festival
Photo 2: Manhattan Instrument Garden
Photo 3: Boulder Philharmonic Performing at Macky Auditorium
Photo 4: eTown Hall
Photo 5: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s Contemporary Classroom program
Photo 6: Shoes made by Alexa Allen at the School of Shoemaking and Design in Ashland, Oregon